Madeline Peters

Location: 2055, Earth Sciences Centre


University of Toronto (2017-present)
PhD Student
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Hon. BSc, Specialist in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; University of Toronto (2013-2017)

Research Interests

Though ‘trained’ in theoretical population genetics, I am excited to now be working with parasite evolution and ecology. I tend to find any biological question that can be addressed through mathematical and computational methods to be interesting, but I particularly enjoy thinking about invasion dynamics and evolutionary stable strategies. For my PhD I have started considering phenotypic plasticity in parasite life history traits, more specifically focusing on how such plasticity might impact within- and between-host infection dynamics as well as the evolution of drug resistance. I prefer to use multiple approaches to tackle the same question, and I particularly like to use methods that I find as interesting as the questions I am asking, and to that end I am currently venturing into the world of optimal control theory and model selection.


Likes: vertebrate biology (especially sloths and bats), dark roast coffee, stationary, organization, routine, peanut butter, patterned socks and a good pair of durable shoes
Dislikes: eye contact, tags on clothing, cilantro