Amber Gigi Hoi

Location: No fixed address, Earth Sciences Centre


University of Toronto (2016-present)
PhD Student
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

MSc, Evolutionary Anthropology, Simon Fraser University (2013-2016)
BSc, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Simon Fraser University (2008-2012)

Research Interests

I am a behavioral ecologist with broad training spanning human biology, anthropology, statistics, epidemiology and public health. In my past life I’ve worked with very different systems (mosquitoes vs. humans) on seemingly unrelated questions (bloodfeeding bahavior vs. timing of reproduction). However, there are themes that run through my work: 1) context-dependent decision-making, 2) timing of events, and 3) implications for health and disease management. In my current life, I reunited with my old friend Malaria, and became interested in how stochasticity and human intervention can shape Plasmodium life history strategies. Also on my mind is the influence of spatial and temporal distribution of resources on disease spread: are some transmission hot spots more equal than others? i.e. hot spots may be “hot” for different reasons, and for a vector-borne disease like Malaria, how could disease control be optimized in each case?


Please visit my Google Scholar citation page.


Like: teddy bears (took up half my bed. I have a king-size bed)
Dislike: cinnamon (not on apple pie not on anything)
Fetish: books and words (I write real letters with pen and paper)
Unsolicited book recommendation: Viper Wine by Hermione Eyre (devilishly witty)
Childhood dream: manga artist (can’t draw to save my life but can sort of do math, so here I am)
Almost died: learning to ski (became a reckless, helmet-less, snowboarder instead)